Dee’s House | OC Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Women

Why Dee’s House Was Created

Our goal at Dee’s House is to help each woman discover why she drinks, uses, shops, eats or neglects herself. As one of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers for women, Dee’s House’s mission is to give women over 30 the tools to love themselves and to repair all of their relationships. We give children their mommies back. From the first moments our clients arrive, they know and understand that They Are Our Purpose! Our personalized programs allow each woman to begin her journey of healing and growth, moving toward a destination of joy and purpose.

Our clients can perhaps finally get rid of the feelings of impending doom and even the thoughts of “I don’t want to live anymore, yet I’m too afraid to die.” We help each client discover the reason she’s here. She can uncover the gifts she was given at birth, finding her unique talents that are truly hers alone. We help her to share those gifts with the world, leaving it a better place than she found it and hopefully knowing she has found her life purpose; her reason for living.

A Better Way To Get Healed

We work one-on-one with each client, tailoring her program to meet her individual needs and address her personal challenges. Our treatment plans include short- and long-term goals, therapeutic strategies and transition/aftercare planning. We are strict in our six-client maximum, ensuring that each woman is given the individual attention she deserves.

We believe in a holistic approach to healing, and we want our clients to experience the benefits of the mind/body/soul connection. We also believe in the “take what you like and leave the rest” mantra, so we offer the women who come to Dee’s as many experiences as we can so they can find what resonates with them. Our clients have taken meditation classes, have attended various seminars and have learned EFT, just to name a few. We also often take our clients to the beach to soak up the benefits of the sun and the salt-enriched sand. Anything that can help us grow and heal — mind, body and spirit — and have fun doing it!

We Treat Your Mind, Body, Spirit!

At Dee’s House, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Women in OC,  we introduce principles and techniques that can quiet the daily noise and allow spiritual healing and self discovery to help each woman on her journey toward a new way of life.

We offer a variety of teachings and therapy modalities to help our clients grow. We open the door to metaphysical authors and practices, and we allow our clients to experience new ways of looking at their world.

We focus on daily exercise and nutrition, tailored to each woman’s needs. We know that in our diseases, this area is often neglected, so we incorporate beach walks, nature hikes and Kundalini Yoga, in addition to nutritional information and therapy when needed, so that our clients can start on their roads back to wellness.

Our program is inspired by a variety of spiritual teachings, and our clients are introduced to specific teachers and authors that will help them see infinite possibilities, bringing spiritual healing and self-discovery into their lives.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Women in Orange County Over 30

Dee’s House, an OC Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Women was created as a home exclusively for women over 30 to feel safe, comfortable and cared for as they build their new lives.

Our staff treats each woman with love and respect as we guide her along her journey into healing the wounds and traumas of the past and offer continued support as she embarks on her hope-filled future. CALL US NOW for a free confidential conversation with one of our addition counselors.

For more information about Dee’s House’s OC Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center for Women, please contact us today at (714) 374-6873 or

Contact Dee’s House today at (714) 374-6873 or