Orange Country Alcohol Rehab Program

Although we are an Orange County alcohol rehab we have people who are seeking good, solid treatment come to us from all across the country. While we could attribute some of the reason to the beautiful Southern California climate, we think it has much more to do with our women only program and the spiritual and holistic nature of the treatment we provide. We have many women who have been through more than one treatment center come to us and finally find success. Perhaps they were just ready at that point, perhaps it was finally being in an alcohol rehab for women for a change, perhaps it was our staff, who really connect with our clients. Whatever it is, we’re just happy for their success.

Alcohol Rehab in Orange County for Women Only

The nature of our program is so tight knit, so interpersonal and holistic, that the women who come here make lifelong bonds with others they go through the program with, as well as our staff. In fact, many of the women who come to us from out of state decide to stay right here after completing our program. They’ve rebuilt their lives here, become new women here, and enjoy the relationships and bonds they’ve created here so much that going back is just inconceivable to them. That isn’t true of every alcohol rehab in Orange County. We’re very proud of our alums, many of whom stay involved with Dee’s House and make it a point to help others who come here for treatment. We believe it takes a special program to have this kind of effect on women, run by special people. And ours is special. We call it full-hearted healing.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment

We believe the goal for any alcohol rehab for women isn’t even to merely help you stop using, you have to know why you were using in the first place. That’s why we work one-on-one with you to create a program that is unique to you. We’ve built our program on the basics of the 12 Steps, but added much more in order to offer a fully holistic program. We want to help each woman who comes to us find her passion for living. We introduce her to many spiritual thinkers, philosophers and speakers. Because we’re in sunny Southern California, near the beach, it’s a wonderful place for women to get into the sunshine and reconnect with their souls, as well as get some much needed physical exercise. Using our whole-hearted approach, your mind can open, your body can heal and your spirit can soar. Call us today and let us help you. Whether you finally decide to come to Dee’s House or not, we’re here for you.

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