Some Drug Addiction Treatment Facts

Drug addiction is characterized as a persistent craving for drugs, as well as the use, or abuse of drugs, regardless of and in spite of personal health and safety. Drug addicts easily slip into a behavior of denial and lying, even stealing from loved ones and others. The drugs, and procuring them, become the most important thing in their lives over family, friends, responsibilities and even themselves. Because of a prolonged behavior of denial and lies one of the most difficult things in drug addiction treatment is to get the addict to see the truth of her situation and life style.

Our Difference

One of the things that makes a huge difference in the drug addiction treatment at Dee’s House is that our program is by women and only for women. Here, we offer a safe, nurturing environment in which women can really examine themselves, all aspects of their lives, and begin to really see where they stepped off their path to joy and happiness, as well as how to get back on it. Our whole hearted healing addresses the mind, the body and the spirit for a holistic healing that is so complete the result is a much better chance of success in living a sober life. Many of the women who have gone through our program stay on to help others. They’ve “been there”, “done that” and made it through and want to help others. They enjoy the relationships they’ve created here, as well as the satisfaction and joy that comes from helping someone else make it.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women Only

Because we offer treatment for drug addiction that is solely focused on women, we can create very specific, individualized programs to custom fit any woman’s needs. We build each program on the proven foundation of AA’s 12 steps, but we then layer on additional therapies and courses that help her achieve a whole life solution. We are very focused on diet and nutrition as a means of restoring and healing the body and the brain. We also believe in exercise as a part of that restoration and healing, which can include beach activities, hiking and Kundalini yoga, which offers physical and spiritual benefits. Next, we exercise the mind and soul by introducing her to some of the thought leaders in the spiritual and metaphysical realm. With this multifaceted approach to treatment we make it possible for each of our guests to reconnect with her soul and spirit and find her true joy and meaning in life again.

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