Treatment for a Cocaine Addiction

The typical woman simply has more to deal with in her life than her male counterpart. For women, the compulsion to use cocaine has many potential factors, including genetics and environment. But there may also be social pressures, or family pressures, or pressure from work. Women need to get things done and they have a lot of people depending on them. They also, more than men, are faced with the societal pressure to be “attractive”, which often translates into meaning thin. Aside from cocaine’s inherent properties as an energy source, its ability to suppress the appetite also makes it a desirable diet aid.

Cocaine Addiction and Women

Cocaine addiction is highly complicated for women, posing a difficult challenge in terms of cocaine addiction treatment for them. Besides its natural addictive nature, for some women cocaine has a highly psychologically addictive as well, as an aid with the societal pressure they feels to be attractive, be successful and also be an outstanding mother. When they feel they’ve failed to meet this challenge of societal expectations, they can experience feelings of worthlessness, uselessness, despair and self-loathing, which typically is often how addicts feel after using drugs. So, these particular negative effects of addiction are actually compounded for them. For women caught up in the cycle of cocaine abuse, the only answer to these feelings is more cocaine. At least until they reach a point at which the cocaine fails to bring them the desired effect, or their cocaine “habit” has become unmanageably expensive and an effective cocaine addiction treatment program is in order.

A Comprehensive Program Designed for Women

In most cases, for women, treatment for cocaine addiction occurs on several levels that mirror the treatment program we’ve created at Dee’s House. Cocaine addiction affects neurological makeup, it negatively impacts the spirit, or soul, and destroys the body. It can bring on the most intense fear, anxiety and negative energy a woman will ever experience. Much more so than men, women feel serious levels of depression, or anxiety, sometimes both at the same time. Because of the societal pressures, and other possible co-occurring issues, it is imperative that the mind, the body and the spirit be treated concurrently. In other words, a holistic approach to treatment is necessary like that you’ll find here, at Dee’s House. We call it whole-hearted healing. We recognize that the body desperately needs repair under these circumstances, so we combine a solid nutritional menu with good, but fun, exercise. But we also include teachings of some of the foremost Metaphysical spiritual authors and teachers, creating paths to new possibilities and healing. We work with each woman on an individual basis to help her truly see herself and her potential and change her flawed image of herself. We bring her back to life and, more importantly to rediscover her joy in life. Call us today and find out how we can help you.

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