A Drug Rehab Center For Women over 30

When we decided to create a drug rehab center just for women many of the “business” people told us it wasn’t smart, that we were narrowing our potential “target market” by more than half. But we felt, and feel, that to try and be inclusive of everyone would be to compromise what could be a more beneficial and more meaningful recovery program specifically for women. We felt such a program, or drug treatment center, was needed. That women in need of treatment should have, and deserve, an option to heal and excel among other women, in a place where they could be at ease and most able to succeed.

Treatment Center Near the Beach

Dee’s House is located just a few miles from the warm sands of Huntington Beach. It’s not just a drug treatment center for women, it is an oasis of peace and relief, a beautiful five-bedroom home in a lovely neighborhood. We have designed it to make each woman feel comfortable and cared for. It’s one of the few exclusively women only rehabs in the country. Featuring a gourmet kitchen, with all the tools to create delicious, healthy cuisine, our guests enjoy cooking and the benefits of good food. The bathrooms have been remodeled with beautiful travertine floors and showers, for a clean, refreshing experience. Each bedroom is full of feminine charm, where a woman can curl up in her fluffy white comforter and soft pastel quilt, surrounded by antique furniture & prints. We have attended to ever detail to ensure each woman can focus on her recovery in comfort and an environment of support and understanding.

Specialized Substance Abuse Treatment for Women

Although other people call Dee’s House a substance abuse treatment center, and technically it is, we don’t think in those terms. This is not a “clinical” environment with an impersonal schedule of therapies and treatment that happen “to you”. This is a home for healing, for rediscovery of yourself, for reconnecting with your own spirit and with family and friends, who play an important role in our program and your success in recovery. This is where women over 30 come to learn to live again and to care for, and about, themselves again, if not for the first time. For many women this is the stepping off place of a new life of fulfilment and reward. Many of our alums end up helping other women in need of care in one way or another, as a part of their own spiritual journey.

Please contact us right away to find out more about Dee’s House, our program and home. Your insurance may cover all or some of your stay and we can help verify that. So call now.

For more information about our substance abuse treatment center for women, please contact us today at (714) 374-6873 or info@deeshouse.com.