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Meet the Founder | Kimmy Lujan

Rehab for women CaliforniaAs the founder of Dee’s House, I feel it is important I tell you my story. I know what it feels like to experience the pain of life slipping away from you; to have each waking moment — every breath — accompanied by a burning in your core, a feeling that I grew to recognize as my two familiar companions: anxiety and fear.

I believed that only by drinking would the thoughts and feelings quiet themselves. I know what it is like to wake up each day with all the best of intentions, only to fall short before the sun goes down. I know what it is like to bury myself deep inside a bottle in an effort to push down all of the feelings, pain and shame — not only from what has happened to me but also from all the things that I have done … and not done.

I know all of this first hand, because my name is Kimmy Hunkle Lujan, and I am an alcoholic. I know what it is like to look at my children and tell them “I will be right back. I’m only going to have two drinks with my friends,” only to close the bar once again; to look at the phone and see 17 missed calls from my 7 year old the next day and not have any idea how it happened again. Denial that you’re lying and you know it…delusions that you’re lying and you believe it. I was delusional, as was my father and his father before him.

That is why… I can say with all my heart…Dee’s House (named in loving memory of my childhood friend) has been built from the pain and suffering of many, through gifts and love filled with kindness, and generosity. These gifts all came from friends and family members that suffer from this disease in one way or another. At each turn ….when I was just about to give up on the dream of creating a place for women to find the love of self they had lost when they took that first drink,…someone came…. like an angel sent from God to pick me up, inspire me, and motivate me to continue on my journey.

The message is clear. Our goal at Dee’s House is…Just when you were ready to give up on this journey, we are here to inspire you, love you, and help you find the beautiful woman that is buried deep inside. The woman that is shining inside of you ready to take on all that life can offer. She is there. And we are here to help her in her journey.

I am Kimmy Hunkle Lujan and I come from a long line of alcoholics.

To inquire about admissions into our rehab for women in Southern California, please contact us today by calling (714) 374-6873 or by sending a confidential email to info@deeshouse.com.