Our Founder

Meet the Founder | Kimmy Hunkle

As the founder of Dee’s House, I feel it is important I tell you my story.

I know what it feels like to experience deep pain in response to seeing my life slipping away. I know what it is like to wake up each day with all the best of intentions, only to fall short before the sun goes down. I know what it is like to look at my children and tell them “I will be right back. I’m only going to have two drinks with my friends,” only to close the bar once again; to look at the phone and see 17 missed calls from my 7-year old son the next day and not have any idea how I let that happen again. I know what it feels like to see pain in my children’s eyes because I could not remain sober, as I’d promised them I would so many times.

For years I had two common companions: anxiety and fear. And I drank alcohol to drown those feelings out (I also drank alcohol to have fun, relax, celebrate, and any other excuse I could think of to justify my addiction).

For years, I believed that the only way to quiet my thoughts and feelings was to drink.  So, I buried myself deep inside a bottle in an effort to push down all of my pain and shame—not only from what had happened to me when I was a child, but also from all the things that I did to others, particularly my children.

I know all of these things firsthand, because my name is Kimmy Hunkle and I am an alcoholic.

I got clean in 2007 when the pain of staying the same become greater than changing. In 2010 I created Dee’s House in honor of my dear childhood friend who didn’t survive this horrendous disease. It is a safe and sacred space for women who want to stop abusing substances, and change their lives one day at a time, but who need the loving support of a positive and nonjudgmental community to achieve their goals.

I completed a Master of Arts in Counseling at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara and provide therapy services in my private practice for clients struggling with a range of life challenges, such as trauma, partner betrayal, and yes, alcoholism and substance abuse. My education has strengthened my resolve to offer the best services possible to women struggling with addiction.

Are you tired of the toll alcoholism and substance abuse is taking on your life? We are here to inspire you, love you, and help you find the beautiful woman that is buried deep inside—the woman that is shining inside of you, ready to take on all that life can offer. She is there. And we are here to help her in her journey.

I am Kimmy Hunkle and I come from a long line of alcoholics.

To inquire about admissions into our rehab for women in Southern California, please contact us today by calling (714) 374-6873 or by sending a confidential email to info@deeshouse.com.