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Specialized Women’s Addiction Treatment

Addiction Does Not Discriminate

There is no question that addiction does not discriminate. However, when it comes to alcoholism, the sexes weren’t created equal. Women tend to become intoxicated more easily, and they suffer devastating harm more quickly from the long-term effects of drinking. Female alcoholics are twice as likely to die as male alcoholics in the same age group.

Women also experience traumatic life events — both before (and as a factor contributing to) addiction and often as a result of addiction itself — that can be extremely difficult to talk about, especially in environments that don’t feel safe.

Dee’s House knows that the emotional, social, economic and physiological differences for women alcoholics and addicts are great. Therefore we believe that a program that recognizes those differences and is structured to focus on a particular gender allows the individual to gain more information pertinent to her own recovery while offering her a safe, nurturing environment in which to begin her path toward healing.

Why Just Women Over 30?

Rehab for Women 30+

Women who are knee-deep in family, marriage, careers and mothering face additional factors that can pose a greater propensity for isolation and shame when facing the realization that an addiction issue is present.

In addition, the commonality many women face as natural nurturers tends to lead them down a path of meeting the needs of others first. Those nurturers often seek happiness and comfort through what they give to others while ignoring their own needs. Women are more likely than men to live with no other adults, yet they are more likely to carry the full responsibility of raising children.

Dee’s House, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Women, in Orange County, CA, offers extensive and individualized programs, with options for 30-, 60-, and 90-day treatment plans that fully address each woman and her needs.

It is imperative when a woman makes the decision to get treatment that the program she selects give her all that she needs. Dee’s House provides healing, support and empowerment in a loving and serene environment. When choosing your treatment, make sure you are getting all that YOU deserve.
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