Women’s Residential Treatment Center

Many women need the benefits only a residential treatment center can offer. Unlike a partial hospitalization program (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP), your care is 24/7. You’re removed from your daily life and the many triggers you encounter that only serve to challenge your will power and conviction. Here, you get a chance to wipe the slate completely clean, start over, become the person you’ve always wanted to be. The one that’s in there right now, waiting to come out. Plus, you are surrounded by supportive women all day and all night. They’ve also been where you are and have come out the other side. They can comfort you, understand you, and help you.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

While we are very focused on treating women with various forms of addiction and chemical dependency, (alcohol, drugs, processes, love) we recognize these addictions are not the same for every woman. Some fall much harder and have far more difficulty staying clean. Particularly with the highly addictive nature of both street drugs and prescribed medications today. In fact, prescribed medication is outpacing every other form of addiction. The Federal government now considers addiction to prescribed medications to be at an epidemic level. At, Dee’s House, we often get women suffering from severe addiction. Women who have failed with other treatment programs, including at other residential treatment centers. Because of our holistic residential drug abuse program, what we call wholehearted treatment, many of these women finally find the success that has been eluding them. We believe, for these women in particular, it is important that you stay in treatment as long as possible.

Your Insurance May Cover Your Entire Stay

Our residential treatment program is half what comparable programs cost at other facilities. But, because of the changes by the Federal government to the health insurance industry, many people have more insurance coverage than they’re aware of. We accept most forms of health insurance and can work with insurance companies to get you the optimal benefit from whichever policy you may have. It is important to call us and have us verify what your coverage actually is. We have seasoned insurance professionals who have great relationships with every insurance provider and know exactly who to speak to, as well as the right questions to ask. If your insurance only covers a portion of your stay at Dee’s House, we will work with you help you get the treatment you need. But the first step is to call. So do it now.

For more information about our residential treatment center in Orange County call us today at (714) 374-6873.