Holistic Treatment

Innovative and Effective Holistic Drug Rehab for Women over 30

Women suffering from addictions often also suffer from negative self-image, distorted thinking and an overwhelming feeling that life is “out of balance.” At Dee’s House, a holistic drug rehab in Orange County, CA, we work with each woman to truly see herself, to help change her flawed image of herself and to bring her back to life for herself, her family and her friends. We understand that women benefit more from a holistic approach to recovery, and we treat the woman as a whole, which can produce a life-changing experience. For the woman who is mature enough to accept the challenge of recovery and putting her life in order, our holistic approach gives her a step-by-step process that includes all aspects of her life and brings her a renewed sense of well-being and self.

Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Our holistic drug treatment program is rooted in the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a valuable resource and ideology that helps set the stage for our entire program, and begins the work of focusing inward and opening one’s mind to a different vision of herself. It is a well established model and the perfect foundation for any holistic drug rehab. You will hear the experiences of others and how they have attained success in recovery using these simple steps. Then, we’ll add one-on-one therapy with an MFT, spiritual direction, process groups, one-on-one life coaching and Metaphysical book studies to further enrich your experience and understanding.

Our holistic drug treatment program is inspired by, and inclusive of, the teachings of many of the most influential Metaphysical spiritual authors and teachers creating paths to new possibilities and healing. Additionally, visualization and meditation play an important role in the spiritual nature of our program, along with Kundalini Yoga, among other things.

The Physical Being in Holistic Healing

We call Dee’s House a whole-hearted healing center, which means our holistic drug treatment must also focus on the physical being as well as the mind and spirit. Drug and alcohol abuse are very hard on the body both externally and internally and can result in very serious injury. So, while physical self improvement can help make a woman feel better about herself, it is imperative that women repair the damage that’s been done to their bodies, as well. We offer a variety of physical activities and exercise that are not only healing but fun. And, because we’re located near the beach, in southern California, the sun and warmth help affect a more positive outlook and sense of wellness.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients begin to glow as they achieve each successive milestone from the various facets of our holistic program and become totally whole and complete women.

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