A Specialized Drug Rehab in Orange County

The well-educated lawyer. The caring housewife. The venerable athlete. Drug addiction can happen to anyone, at any given time. A successful 40-year-old can be just as susceptible to addiction as an impulsive 16-year-old. And it doesn’t matter if the addiction started from substance abuse or from simply taking pain medication; physical dependency on the drug can happen no matter the circumstance. There have been 30-year-old housewives who have sought drug addiction treatment, hoping someone will understand that they didn’t mean to become physically dependent; they took anxiety medication, and it just happened. The women at Dee’s House understand where you’re coming from, and we’re here to help.

A Supportive Community of Women

At Dee’s House, we understand that addiction doesn’t discriminate. The holistic treatment we provide not only helps women emerge victorious out of drug addiction, but gives them the knowledge and tools necessary to remain free from drugs after their time at our Orange County drug rehab facility. Knowledge and treatment aren’t the only things you’ll receive at Dee’s House: a group of women you can relate to, understanding professionals, and success are all parts of our program you can expect. Not only will our tightknit community of women encourage you on your way to recovery, but they will become your friends for life. Many women who have come to our Southern California addiction recovery center from afar remain in the area following their program, choosing to stay close to the place where they’ve renewed themselves and the women who have helped them get there. With Dee’s House whole-hearted healing, any woman can start her life anew.

Personalized Drug Treatment for Women

No matter what your story is, Dee’s House is here to help. We know everyone’s story is different; that’s why we offer one-on-one counseling and a personalized treatment program. We’ll help you identify why you were using in the first place so we can better help you make progress towards recovery. We enhance the traditional 12 Step Program with a holistic treatment approach, including activities such as exercise, outdoor trips, and listening to speeches from philosophers and spiritual thinkers. We hope that these methods will not only heal your mind, body, and spirit, but will help every woman remember the joy of living.

For more information about Dee’s House’s Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center OC, please contact us today at (714) 374-6873 or info@deeshouse.com.