Dee’s House Testimonials

What Women Say About Dee’s House

Danielle’s Story

My name is Danielle and I went to stay at Dee’s House on September 18th, 2010. This is the date that my life changed. I arrived at Dee’s a broken soul…I wondered how I ever got to this point. I thought I had it all under control, but the truth is, I was losing all control. I was a shell of a person…a woman lost and empty. How had I become this person, so dependent on alcohol and any substance to get me through the day? This insanity was completely taking over my life. My family, my job, my health, and my relationships — everything suffered. But most of all, I was suffering inside, I hated myself. I was spiraling down into total despair, and I felt alone and scared. I was in such a dark rut and I could not get out of it. Walking into Dee’s House, I didn’t expect much to change, (I had tried so many times before), but I had to give it one last try…this was my only hope.

I NEVER expected my whole life and outlook on it would change, and so drastically in such a short period of time…I really believed that it was just too late for me…my life had not turned out how I imagined, and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Skeptical of everything and everyone at first, I immediately felt a sense of safety from Kimmy and all the drug and alcohol treatment staff.

They were all very loving and caring, and sensitive to any of my needs. They had true compassion and heartfelt empathy for me. I no longer felt I was there because I was bad…or a failure.  I was there to learn how life was supposed to be. I was learning how to truly love myself…and the sobriety came so much easier with that. The skills and life lessons I learned have dramatically altered my journey through life, and opened my eyes to who I really am inside. I cannot express enough that if it wasn’t for Dee’s House and the wonderful women behind it, I WOULD NOT be the person I am today, maybe not even alive. I left Dee’s with love in my heart, strength, confidence, and a new lease on life. I’m finally able to be the mom I always wanted to be, fully there, without the deep sadness that I thought I hid so well. My children see the light back in my eyes, and it fills their hearts.

Going to women’s drug and alcohol treatment at Dee’s House saved my life. Today, I’m living a sober and happy life. (I never thought I would use those two words in the same sentence!) I’m doing it with the things I learned in treatment from all the people who make Dee’s House a comforting and healing recovery home. You will feel the inspiration and support right when you walk through the doors — the doors to recovery. I had always felt alone before, like no one understood. Now I realize how many people I have behind me, to help me at any time, with anything. I gained true, life-long friendships with caring, genuine, (and FUN) women. They all still call me to see how I’m doing. Not because they are obligated to, but because they really do care. I pray that every woman out there suffering will get the chance that I did, the chance to have an amazing life no matter the circumstances. We all deserve love and safety, opportunities and chances, and our hopes and dreams to become our reality.

Well, that is the summary of my story. I wrote this not because I was asked to, but because I wanted to. I was so far gone, and I got the help I needed from Dee’s House. I hope so deeply that anyone reading this that has a problem with any kind of addiction will give themselves the chance at life too. Then you will be the one writing your life story, with a much different ending…with hope and endless opportunities.

– Danielle

Julie’s Story

Before finding my way to Dee’s House, I had gone through an out-patient detox, an in-patient detox, and an intensive outpatient program. Nothing worked. I was desperate and my family was desperate. I needed help. I truly believe that the drug and alcohol treatment program and women at Dee’s House saved my life. What I learned while at Dee’s is that this road started 40+ years ago, with hurt, with anger, with addiction, with abuse. And now I didn’t love myself or believe in myself as an adult.

The program at Dee’s helped me to see what I had lost as a little girl, and what I could regain as an adult woman. Through the spiritual counseling, I found my higher power again. Through the nutrition, physical activity and yoga, I started to take care of myself again physically. I learned how to open up and talk about my feelings without fear. I went to 12-step meetings and found a sponsor to work with. I worked with a therapist to understand myself more, and we had family meetings to start to repair the damage done to my family. Dee’s House helped me put my life back together.

I know the road that led me to alcohol addiction treatment at Dee’s House. I know that a lot of the dirt and the grime from the road are still on me — and I need to continue to work on washing that stuff away. At Dee’s I learned to live for today and not look backwards; I am learning to forgive myself and forgive others. I still have work to do. I still need to work with my therapist and sponsor, and go to 12-step meetings. But I am clean and sober for the first time in so many years. I have a wonderful, supportive husband and 3 terrific kids and I have a faith in God however new it might be. Dee’s House gave me all of that back.

I know that this road, no matter how hard it has been, has lead me to the place I am now. And this place is getting better everyday.


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