About Dee’s House

Orange County Addiction Rehab for Women over 30

Dee’s House, an Orange County Women’s Addiction Treatment Center was created in loving memory of my best friend Dee, and as my living amends to my children. With the help of too many Angels to mention, we have taken the very house where I lived deep in my addiction, where my children waited for me to come home off my bar stool, and we have transformed it into a healing center that gives children their mommies back. I have been told “you can feel the love in the walls.” In our rehab for women, you will feel safe, comfortable, loved and cared for as you build your new life and rewrite the ending of your story.

All addictions end in one of three ways. Pick yours! Sobered up, locked up or covered up.

Your Story May Be Different

Rehab for Women in Orange County

But the pain and suffering that addiction inflicts upon us and our loved ones is the same – so your story may be different. I have been raised with this dis-ease, inflicted it upon my children, shared it with my best friend, and buried the girl I grew up with. She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I believe that if she were able to get help, she would have. I was taught early on the idea of “attraction not promotion,” so I did not try to rip her off her barstool. I thought she was still having fun; I had no idea she was going to die. Please forgive me Dee … I love you!

This is why I can say with all my heart: Dee’s House has been built from the pain and suffering of many, decorated with gifts and love, and finally filled with kindness and generosity. These gifts have all come from friends and family members that suffer from this dis-ease in one way or another. At each turn — when I hit a challenge and was just about to give up on the dream of creating a place for women to find the love of self they had lost when they took that first drink and disconnected — someone came like an angel sent from Spirit to pick me up, inspire me and motivate me to continue on my journey.

Then it really happened, in June of 2010, the house that love built was opened, and my life and the lives of all who come here to heal are and will be forever changed.

For more information about Dee’s House’s, a drug and alcohol rehab for women in Orange County, please contact us today at (714) 374-6873 or info@deeshouse.com.