A 12-Step Treatment Program Just for Women Over 30

At Dee’s House, we’ve found that the drug treatment programs that really work are rooted in the 12 Steps. While there are treatment program that eschew the 12 Steps, our experience is that women, in particular, do well with a more spiritually based program for drug and alcohol addiction – especially if you add additional therapies and skills and built upon the 12 Steps as a foundation, as we have. Our primary goal is recovery for life, a recovery that will last long after you leave Dee’s House. Although we’re proud to say that many of the women who have come through Dee’s House are still in touch, still involved, and leading lives filled with joy and achievement.

Drug Treatment Programs for Healing

We find healing the mind, the body and the spirit as a whole works best for women when they are surrounded by other nurturing women, where they are free to express their thoughts and feelings. And we are focused on healing all of those aspects of every woman who comes to Dee’s House. Each part of a woman’s existence must be in balance with the others. While the 12 Steps may seem rigid and set in some drug addiction treatment programs, they are anything but that for us. Each woman includes them in her program in her own way. Each woman who comes to Dee’s House experiences them differently, uniquely. They become more integrated into her healing and more meaningful in her recovery which, in turn, helps lead to lasting sobriety, joy and fulfillment. If you are seeking true recovery from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction, this is the most effective element in any program.

Personalized Care for Women

Along with the solid foundation of the 12 Steps, we custom create our drug treatment programs around each individual woman. These are not generic, unisex programs, they are specifically for and all about women. Each woman comes to us from a different place, with different experiences, different interests and different needs. Geared toward women who are 30+, the woman who comes to us may be a wife and mother, or an executive in an area of business fraught with pressure. If she is going to succeed when she leaves Dee’s House we must integrate into her treatment the things that will have lasting meaning for her and the skills that will help her in her life. No matter what your circumstances are, you will find women you can relate to here at Dee’s House. Women you can connect to and be at ease with, bond with. Call to speak with an addiction specialist. We are here to help and support you regardless of your choice of program.

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